Guide To Rally Co Driving


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I've put together this website as a resource for novice rally co-drivers. I've rallied since 1979 on everything from UK night time road rallies to international events, and I know how difficult those first few rallies can be, so I hope I can help newcomers to the sport. I'm a former British co-driver who now lives in the US, and I currently co-drive for Tyler Turnbull on US events. I am truly disappointed with the low number of entries on rallies in my region, so I hope that this website will encourage more people to participate in rallies.

There are several other sites that provide similar information so I encourage you to look there too. Ultimately each rally driver and co-driver develop their own particular style and "tricks of the trade", so my goal is to simply add my experience to other information that is available.

Have fun, be safe, and I hope that I see you soon on your first event!

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Okay. I'm not a lawyer, but it should go without saying that rallying can be a dangerous sport. Things can and do go wrong on rallies, and people can get hurt and very rarely get killed. All advice, tips, and other information provided on is just my opinion based on my own rally experiences over 30+ years.